Who are we

From the emissions of evolution we came out in a way that embodies the comfort of you in the world of services, Salfar Commercial Services, a Saudi company in China emerged with an integrated team working in a cooperative spirit to help its customers in carrying out all their business according to their request, Salfar is keen to provide services at the best prices available Credibility in dealing, quality of goods, reliability in inspection, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery through our existing offices. It has created and continues to establish a picture of it in the history of successful projects and seeks to be the best and broadest echo of its partners in various fields and various products for all categories of individuals and companies. In search of excellence, I was keen to form a team specialized in Arabic, English and Chinese languages, according to the needs of the client, we take your hands towards excellence. Your success is ours.


What we're after


Salvare has found no more beautiful than building long-term relationships and building bridges of trust between her and her employees. And their customers and suppliers. And all those who deal with it, by adopting the principle of honesty, which is based on integrity, honesty, justice and capacity Horizon, The commitment to the covenant and the high professional approach in dealing with the maintenance of ethics always Profession is our goal.

Coming through

Reaching to achieve the ambitions of Salvaar and the ambitions of its customers. And the extreme focus on effectiveness and accuracy Performance and to work Everyone is working together in pursuit of excellence and fulfilling Salvaar's promises in achieving the company's goals.


Create a work environment that enhances and provides a sense of belonging and job security. and instilling the importance of the human element to Salvaar As a Resource Precious

Why are we

Salvaar always seeks to establish a picture of her in the history of successful projects, and to see the successes of her customers and their excellence...

Offers innovative and innovative solutions at the lowest possible cost

We provide a unique and flexible service to our international and local customers in China, we understand Customer needs We work hard to create innovative and innovative solutions at the lowest cost

Employing modern technology in solutions

We are looking for the latest technology solutions to achieve the best effective results for our customers' satisfaction.

Best Sources of Services

If you are looking for a product in China, we are your best choice, because we adopt the principle of honesty in providing what you are looking for About him and the quality Required and the right price.

Total protection of your information

We always secure your privacy and business secrets, we will not share your success, business and information with any third parties.

We're a company on the ground.

Maybe this sentence gives you the confidence to get started, our presence aims to help our customers reach their goals And their successes.

Easy access for us

We have secured all means of communication, to make it easier for you to communicate with us in any way you want and whenever you find it, Whether it's cross Social networking sites, website or contact numbers shown to you

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